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Tim Diesel Commercial Real Estate Investor & Consultant

Tim Diesel is a commercial real estate executive, entrepreneur, and bestselling author. With nearly 20 years industry experience, he is a frequent speaker at business seminars, sales conferences, corporate trainings, and various investment events.

Working with companies like Wells Fargo, Sprint and ADT. He has spoken to thousands of people across the country inspiring and educating those who want to build and grow their business. He is a consultant to investors and brokers as well as providing the market place an overwhelming amount of information. His most recent book is “The Apartment Profit Guide: Buying and Selling Multifamily Property”.

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I want you to be successful, and that's why I created a guide for you to use in your business. This will help you create your road map of what questions any investor needs to know before making any commercial real estate investments. Please take some time and write out your goals and find out how you you will get there. Do you know why are you investing in the first place? Download your investor blueprint today and plan for what's ahead. I'm here to help you along the way.

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